Can Fidget Toys be Useful for People with Anxiety?

Fidget toys are known to help counter stress and anxiety and while there is no scientific evidence that confirms their effectiveness, fidget toys are growing in popularity amongst those who are anxious.

Those with anxiety will be consumed with feelings of worry and dread, and these emotions can impact a person’s life and their daily routine. If you suffer from anxiety and are looking for tools that can help, fidget toys are worth a try because they can ease these feelings. Moving or spinning an object can help soothe a person and can also help keep a person calm, which is why fidget toys may help with anxiety. Repetitive behaviours can neutralize or counteract anxiety and fidget toys can stimulate parts of the brain involved in attention.

These toys allow people to self-soothe, and the predictable and rhythmic motor patterns of fidget toys will be very calming, and this is why these toys are effective when it comes to stress and anxiety relief. What’s great about these toys is that they come in different shapes and sizes and can be handheld, kept as a keychain or attached to the end of your pen. You can even choose to keep one in your pocket if you prefer to have a subtle toy, so you will have options and get to pick a toy you are comfortable with.

It’s important to note that while these toys may be effective, they may provide people with immediate relief only and should not be used for deep anxiety, as fidget toys may not be able to provide you with relief in the long run.

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