Reasons Kids Can Benefit from Sensory Kits

Do sensory kits actually help your children’s ability to focus? We all can get distracted at times, some children more than others, which can cause fidgeting. If you are a parent who has an especially active child, you will know that fidgeting is a default behaviour that is best dealt with using redirection. Whether they are very active or not very active, almost any child will fidget, which is why we have actually always had sensory kits around.

Fidgeting is the body’s way of releasing restless energy. Some common types of fidgeting include foot-tapping, playing with hair, or biting nails. Many people would consider these things a distraction from learning, but experts say that fidgeting behaviours can be redirected and help enhance learning.

This is where sensory kits come in.  Sensory kits help focus attention and improve learning ability. Research shows that movement can be an essential part of learning because the person is using both the left and right sides of their brain. When children can control or direct their movements, especially during times they feel stressed or anxious, they are also able to improve focus and raise concentration levels.

The brainstem controls basic body functions like breathing, heart rate and consciousness. In some cases, children’s brains can be awake but not be alert, and other children might need help to stay awake. Movement is one way to trigger the brainstem, and sensory kits can help with this. Movement, even just fidgeting with the hands, can help children by sending signals from the body to the brain to stay awake, alert, and pay attention.

Sensory kits also provide children with a fun mental occupation because their main purpose is to distract and occupy a child’s attention. Along with boosting focus and increasing productivity, they also give your child’s mind a fun mental break, making it easier for them to pay attention later on. They’re also just fun to have around. All parents and teachers understand that kids need lots of breaks in between doing their studies, so they should have some sort of free play. Sensory kits come with various toys and accessories to allow children to play, build, touch and explore their imagination.

At Bucket of Fun, you can find plenty of fun and different sensory kits to help keep young hands and minds busy. With the new COVID-19 protocols in place in many Provinces, children may be required to spend more time inside. This can cause boredom and other developmental issues, especially for those with ADHD. Our bug and dinosaur sensory kits can keep your children entertained and keep their hands busy when they are taking breaks from online learning or if they need something to do after school. Contact us today to learn more about our sensory kits!