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My name is Natasha Shah and I’m a Wifey, Mommy, and Wonder Woman to my husband Keyur, and three kids - Arren, Elina and Zayvin. I grew up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, then lived all over the States for 13 years, and just recently moved back to Toronto.  Among the many changes was the challenge of finding education and engaging toys for the kids.

Solution … rummaging through knicks and knacks , old and new toys alike, and coming to the perfect mix of items for kids in the form of Sensory Bins.  To my surprise, all of my kids who range in age from 2-9 gravitated towards the bins for a number of reasons including the variety of toys, textures and building materials within the collection!

I know these Sensory Bins will bring your family tons of joy and excitement similar to mine!


Natasha Shah

Bucket Of Fun Enthusiast